Lesson 6: Advanced Sentence Construction

     -ba = if (conditional)

     Verb                Conditional
     yomu (read)        yomeba (if you read)

     Conjugation to adjectives
     -kute = being
     -katta = was
     -karo = perhaps
     -kattaro = was perhaps
     -kereba = if is

     Verb                 Conjugation
     yasui (cheap)      yasukute (being cheap)
                             yasukatta (was cheap)
                             yasukaro (is perhaps cheap)
                             yasukattaro (was perhaps cheap)
                             yasukereba (if it is cheap)

      -nai = no (negative)
      -tai = want

       Verb                Conjugation
       iku (go)            ikanai (not going)
                             ikanakute (don't go)
                             ikanakatta (didn't go)
                             ikanakaro (perhaps not going)
                             ikanakattaro (perhaps didn't go)
                             ikanakereba (if I don't go)

       yasui (cheap)    yasuku nai (not cheap)
                             yasuku nakute (not being cheap)
                             yasuku nakatta (was not cheap)
                             yasuku nakaro (perhaps is not cheap)
                             yasuku nakattaro (perhaps was not cheap)
                             yasuku nakereba (if it is not cheap)

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